Image Classification

Quick Start Using FITimage_classification/beginner.html

Quick start tutorial.

Customized Search and HPOimage_classification/hpo.html

Image classification HPO tutorial.

Use Your Own Datasetimage_classification/kaggle.html

Participate Kaggle competition.

Object Detection

Quick Start Using FITobject_detection/beginner.html

Quick start tutorial.

Tabular Prediction

Quick Start Tutorialtabular_prediction/tabular-quickstart.html

Quick tutorial on fitting models with tabular datasets.

In-depth FIT Tutorialtabular_prediction/tabular-indepth.html

In-depth tutorial on controlling various aspects of model fitting.

Customize AutoGluon

Search Space and Decoratorcourse/core.html

Learn AutoGluon Core API for customized search spaces, customize searchable objects, and training functions.

Search Algorithmscourse/algorithm.html

Learning AutoGluon built-in search algorithms and early-stopping scheduling strategy.

Distributed Search Tutorialcource/distributed.md

Easily scale up training across multiple machines using automatic distributed search.